Weekend Recap

Saturday morning, my mom, brother, and I set off on a little road trip to Las Vegas. We left around 10am but didn’t get there until about 5:30pm. We made some stops to eat and to shop at the Barstow and Primm outlets. I didn’t do as much shopping as I would have liked to; but that was mainly due to the fact that I really wanted to gamble once we got to Vegas. 

Once we got in the hotel room, we rested for about a half hour before we started getting ready to leave once again. We were going to see Journey at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This would be my sixth or seventh time seeing Journey perform. It’s been a tradition, since my dad passed, to see them everytime they’re in concert because that was his favorite band. ​​

Journey always puts on a fantastic show but it’s this song in particular that always gets me choked up. There are few videos I have of my dad, but one that I have is of him singing to this song Escape. It’s also inspiration as to what my next tattoo will be. 

After the show we went and ate a late dinner at Pinks Tacos. I ordered their nachos and a “Kinky Bitch” margarita. The nachos were so good and I wish I had taken a picture of them before I started gobbling them up. 

Once we got back to our hotel, my brother and I stayed in the casino to gamble a bit. I WAS winning money, but then got greedy and ended up losing it all. It’s not too bad though, I only put in $20 so it wasn’t much of a loss. I would’ve walked away with almost $100…so that was a bit disappointing. 

We left early Sunday morning since the weather report said that 30-40mph winds would be kicking up around 8am. We managed to leave before the winds kicked in, which is great because I probably would have had an anxiety attack. 

Overall it was a nice quick little trip with my family. I will be going back to Vegas in 3 months to see Lady Gaga perform at the T-mobile arena. I am so excited for that because the next day we’ll be traveling up to the Grand Canyon. I can’t wait for that!

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