Stress and All It’s Friends

Do you ever find yourself so stressed out that you think you may be on the verge of a major meltdown; Britney Spears circa 2007 anyone? Well put that razor down ladies and gentlemen, and don’t go sacrificing your gorgeous hair just yet! I know we all may have our moments where we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, but trust me there is a way out! Here are some things you can do to bring your stress levels down:
1. Exercise

I know this isn’t the most ideal thing to do, especially if you love eating pizza and donuts all the time like this girl right here. But try putting on some of your favorite tunes (highly suggest Eye of the Tiger by Survivor), grab some weights, and do some quick jabs. Picture the person, place, or thing that is stressing you out the most and just pretend like you’re punching it. You might make yourself giggle a little with how good it feels.

2. Keep a Journal

Writing can help so much with letting out what is really bothering you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hand written journal, an online diary will do just as fine. Maybe try creating an email account where you can send yourself emails when you’re feeling the most stressed. But if you’re feeling a little like the hulk that day, try to take it easy on the keyboard.

3. Pet a small animal

If you don’t have any pets, go visit your local animal shelter and give those little guys some love. It will definitely brighten both of your days.

4. Go to the Beach

If you don’t live by a beach, go to a hilltop, or somewhere secluded. Sit on a blanket and watch the sunset and just remember that there are people in worse situations. You will have better days soon. Take a deep breath and remember that.

5. Yoga/Meditation

Having done yoga and meditation for a few months now I find myself calming down more easily when put in a situation where I could indeed become the hulk. After doing a yoga or meditation session your mind just feels so much more at ease. I love to do it right before bed because it just puts you in a much better mood.

Just remember that good things will come. Keep a positive attitude and try not to let things get to you.

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning, my mom, brother, and I set off on a little road trip to Las Vegas. We left around 10am but didn’t get there until about 5:30pm. We made some stops to eat and to shop at the Barstow and Primm outlets. I didn’t do as much shopping as I would have liked to; but that was mainly due to the fact that I really wanted to gamble once we got to Vegas. 

Once we got in the hotel room, we rested for about a half hour before we started getting ready to leave once again. We were going to see Journey at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This would be my sixth or seventh time seeing Journey perform. It’s been a tradition, since my dad passed, to see them everytime they’re in concert because that was his favorite band. ​​

Journey always puts on a fantastic show but it’s this song in particular that always gets me choked up. There are few videos I have of my dad, but one that I have is of him singing to this song Escape. It’s also inspiration as to what my next tattoo will be. 

After the show we went and ate a late dinner at Pinks Tacos. I ordered their nachos and a “Kinky Bitch” margarita. The nachos were so good and I wish I had taken a picture of them before I started gobbling them up. 

Once we got back to our hotel, my brother and I stayed in the casino to gamble a bit. I WAS winning money, but then got greedy and ended up losing it all. It’s not too bad though, I only put in $20 so it wasn’t much of a loss. I would’ve walked away with almost $100…so that was a bit disappointing. 

We left early Sunday morning since the weather report said that 30-40mph winds would be kicking up around 8am. We managed to leave before the winds kicked in, which is great because I probably would have had an anxiety attack. 

Overall it was a nice quick little trip with my family. I will be going back to Vegas in 3 months to see Lady Gaga perform at the T-mobile arena. I am so excited for that because the next day we’ll be traveling up to the Grand Canyon. I can’t wait for that!

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Strawberries are my favorite fruit
  2. I am a huge Potterhead
  3. New York is my favorite city that I have visited
  4. During high school, I was on the badminton team
  5. I have 2 pet pigs
  6. Hugh Grant was my MCM when I was a kid (and still is)
  7. My favorite food is Sushi
  8. I was bit on the face by a dog, on two separate occasions, requiring a total of 10 stitches
  9. For my 18th birthday, I sang “Maps” by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs in front of my entire senior class
  10. I used to write poetry and song lyrics

Do You Even Yoga Bro?

A few months ago, I discovered that my anxiety and depression had really hit its peak, and I felt as if I was running out of options on how to cope with it. I have high functioning anxiety and bi polar depression disorder. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I know it’s not my fault and its just something that I have lived with since I was a teenager. But recently, due to added stress in my personal and work life, it got to be this terrible monster that kept attacking me every day. I wasn’t really sure what to do or how to ease it, and after doing some research, I had found a little solution. Yoga.

In the past I had done yoga or meditation sporadically. I did it a lot more when I was pregnant because I had been going through a lot of emotions (and the added hormones didn’t help) that made me very angry and just downright sad at times. The yoga would help me calm down and just clear my head of all the negativity I had floating in my head. The focus on just your breathing and soothing music really helped relax me. I did it not just for myself, but for the little bean I had growing in my belly. I didn’t want all my negative energy to be passed to him, and I didn’t want him to be born stressed out.

Now, I am in no means a yoga expert and probably have no idea what I am talking about to be honest. I just wanted to express how much it has helped me when I am feeling anxious or “feeling down”. It might have different results for others, but this is just based off my experience. Try it out. It doesn’t have to just be if you feel anxious or stressed. It is a great exercise and can be done after your daily work out.



Staying Hydrated 

There are so many things that we are supposed to do to keep ourselves happy and healthy for as long as we possibly can. Eat fruits & veggies. Exercise daily. Take vitamins. Hydrate. The list seems pretty simple, but lets face it, we’re all too lazy to be doing this every single day. Some people have turned it into a lifestyle and that is awesome for them! But for people like me, and by people like me I’m talking about people living the sloth life; we don’t do that. 

The only thing I really do, is keep myself hydrated daily. I bought myself a 32 oz cup from Target that I try and refill at least 3 times a day. I would have to say its easier for me to drink that amount daily because I am at my desk working for 9 hours a day. Sometimes I don’t even notice that I have drank so much water, well not until I’m running to the bathroom trying not to pee my pants.

I’ve noticed from me drinking so much water, it has really helped improve my skin. A few months ago my skin was so bad, not only did I have terrible acne (at 27 years old!!!) but I also had really dry and flakey skin. It really lowered my self esteem and I think started happening around the time my depression started to escalate. I started the 96 oz of water daily and noticed my skin was staying more hydrated and didn’t flake as often as it used to. I wish I could say just drinking water helped my skin, but it did not. I actually had to go to my doctor to be prescribed something, but we’ll talk more on that later.

If you feel like water is too “boring” for you to be drinking all day, add something to it to give it a different taste. I like to add lemon wedges to my water sometimes to give it a different taste. You can aslo add cucumber, or mint and give it a “fresh” taste. I know there are a lot of detox water recipes out there, but don’t think that’s the only time you need to drink water. Try to drink at least 20 oz a day and slowly work your way up, if you’re not drinking water daily. You will see improvements.

Click On It – Tech Thursday

1. Inexpensive Glasses & Sunglasses 

This site has so many options for glasses, and you can order them with your prescription too! My mom ordered some really cute ones, and some cute prescription sunglasses. Her total came out to around $100! So awesome!

2. Free therapy & counseling 

This website is also an app. I know for some people (like me) talking face to face with people is sometimes difficult. Especially when dealing with personal issues; I tend to keep things to myself. This site has real people you can talk to and is awesome for introverts like myself. 

3. Online Thrift Store for Books 

I am a book nerd but I sometimes don’t always have the funds to buy all the books I  want. This online store has a huge selection of used books for a great price!

4. Crisis and Suicide Help

We all have those moments where we feel like we just can’t go on. Like, life would be better without us. You are not alone. 

5. Leave me alone 

I hate being in crowded areas, this site helps you find places to go in public that are not crowded. Say goodbye to your local Starbucks, and fine a quite little cafe instead. 

Losing My Dad


As children, we never really think about our parents dying; we think our parents are invincible and going to live forever. Some of us, unfortunately, lose a parent at very young ages. Other’s are lucky enough to have their parents in their lives until they have reached an old age. I was fortunate enough to have my dad in my life for 21 years. I was also not prepared to lose my dad 13 days after I turned 21.


My dad and I were exactly the same; looks and personality-wise. He used to tell me, “Melis, I’m ugly and you look just like me.” I used to reply, “well at least I’m smarter.” He would always joke around with me, even going as far as to run up and fart on me. But, since we’re so much alike, we would butt heads…A LOT. My dad was a very stubborn man, and I am a very stubborn woman. We had very big tempers that would drive us to have some very big arguments.


Of course during my teenage angsty years, I felt like anything I did just wasn’t good enough for him. I constantly felt like I was fucking up and not living up to his expectations. I rebelled and was always threatening to leave and never come back. But, now being an adult, I know he meant well and just wanted me to do good in school. He was just being a dad, and it only made sense after I became a parent. I knew my dad loved me with all his heart; I was his little girl after all.


Losing my dad, was and has been the hardest thing I have ever lived through. It’ll be 6 years on May 13th since he left. It happened so quickly that I honestly thought he was going to pull through. Having to say goodbye broke my heart. I still have trouble accepting the fact that he is gone and never coming back. He was my rock. In my eyes, there was nothing my dad couldn’t do. I still miss him, as much as I missed him since the first day without him.


While we were saying our goodbyes to my dad in the hospital, I whispered in his ear that it was okay to go. I promised that I would take care of my brother and my mom, and he would have nothing to worry about. I told him we would be okay. My dad was in a medically induced coma when I said this, but after I kissed him on his cheek I looked and saw a tear trickle from his eye. It broke my heart because I knew he was fighting. I knew he didn’t want to leave us. But, the damage was too much for his body to handle.IMG_6368

I think that, even after these years, I am still very angry at what happened. But I also know that certain things in my life would be very different right now. I have grown up a lot since the passing of my father. I can only hope that I continue to make him proud. I miss him like hell. But wherever he is, I know he’s making people laugh with his stupid jokes. I know he’s probably being extra loud when a Dodger game is on. And I know that he is always watching over my son. Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.34.52 PM

I miss you Papa Tom 🖤