10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Strawberries are my favorite fruit
  2. I am a huge Potterhead
  3. New York is my favorite city that I have visited
  4. During high school, I was on the badminton team
  5. I have 2 pet pigs
  6. Hugh Grant was my MCM when I was a kid (and still is)
  7. My favorite food is Sushi
  8. I was bit on the face by a dog, on two separate occasions, requiring a total of 10 stitches
  9. For my 18th birthday, I sang “Maps” by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs in front of my entire senior class
  10. I used to write poetry and song lyrics

Do You Even Yoga Bro?

A few months ago, I discovered that my anxiety and depression had really hit its peak, and I felt as if I was running out of options on how to cope with it. I have high functioning anxiety and bi polar depression disorder. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I know it’s not my fault and its just something that I have lived with since I was a teenager. But recently, due to added stress in my personal and work life, it got to be this terrible monster that kept attacking me every day. I wasn’t really sure what to do or how to ease it, and after doing some research, I had found a little solution. Yoga.

In the past I had done yoga or meditation sporadically. I did it a lot more when I was pregnant because I had been going through a lot of emotions (and the added hormones didn’t help) that made me very angry and just downright sad at times. The yoga would help me calm down and just clear my head of all the negativity I had floating in my head. The focus on just your breathing and soothing music really helped relax me. I did it not just for myself, but for the little bean I had growing in my belly. I didn’t want all my negative energy to be passed to him, and I didn’t want him to be born stressed out.

Now, I am in no means a yoga expert and probably have no idea what I am talking about to be honest. I just wanted to express how much it has helped me when I am feeling anxious or “feeling down”. It might have different results for others, but this is just based off my experience. Try it out. It doesn’t have to just be if you feel anxious or stressed. It is a great exercise and can be done after your daily work out.



Click On It – Tech Thursday

1. Inexpensive Glasses & Sunglasses 

This site has so many options for glasses, and you can order them with your prescription too! My mom ordered some really cute ones, and some cute prescription sunglasses. Her total came out to around $100! So awesome!

2. Free therapy & counseling 

This website is also an app. I know for some people (like me) talking face to face with people is sometimes difficult. Especially when dealing with personal issues; I tend to keep things to myself. This site has real people you can talk to and is awesome for introverts like myself. 

3. Online Thrift Store for Books 

I am a book nerd but I sometimes don’t always have the funds to buy all the books I  want. This online store has a huge selection of used books for a great price!

4. Crisis and Suicide Help

We all have those moments where we feel like we just can’t go on. Like, life would be better without us. You are not alone. 

5. Leave me alone 

I hate being in crowded areas, this site helps you find places to go in public that are not crowded. Say goodbye to your local Starbucks, and fine a quite little cafe instead. 

One year later

A little over a year ago, I wanted to test the blogging waters and decided to start my own site. I had all these ideas and good intentions of wanting to put something out every single day. I wanted to go out and try new things, visit new places, and come back and write it all out for you all to read. It was a good idea at the time, but then things started going south and the blog never flourished like I had intended it to.
As much as I wanted to go out and do all these wonderful new things, realistically I did not have the time or the money to be doing that. Being a single mother, I knew I had to put everything else before my little dream. And I am not necessarily just talking about my son; I’m talking about my bills and my responsibility to find someone to watch him while I went off and did these things. It just wasn’t playing out the way I had intended for it to.

It got down to me just being completely overwhelmed with everything. I was so stressed out and depressed, and I didn’t want to tell anyone. It was kind of ironic; because I am always the one reaching out to make sure everyone else is doing fine. But when it came to caring for myself, and trying to seek help, I was silent. Everyone has always told me how amazing it was that I was living on my own and supporting myself and my son. I felt like I had some sort of silly reputation to uphold or something; like I had to prove that I was capable of taking care of myself and my son. All of that lead to me just being so anxious, stressed out, and always in a bad mood.

I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I avoided being home and kept trying to do all these different projects outside of my full time job (crafting, photography, blogging, youtube) to keep me distracted from all the more important responsibilities I had. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but if I’m going to be honest, I have been doing it all my life. I distract myself with something to try and forget about the reality that I have waiting for me. I’ve always put things off or thought if I didn’t address them, they would just simply go away. It’s not the most adult thing to do, but it’s who I am as a person.

But I am in a much better place now, mentally and emotionally. I finally reached my peak of what I could handle and asked for help. It’s not easy for me to ask for help, or to admit when I am wrong. I blame my astrological sign (Taurus) because I am the most stubborn person and fall perfectly into the personality of my sign. I am going to try to be more active on the blog and also will try to post more youtube content since people seem to be enjoying my videos.

So here’s to 2017 (4 months late, I know). Thank you all for your patience, and for taking the time to read my little essay.