My Christmas Wish List

It is now the official countdown to Christmas, and with that comes the dreading holiday shopping and shopping wish lists to fulfill. I find it funny that we usually have an idea of what we would like to receive for Christmas, but when people ask us we are usually too shy to ask. To be honest, I don’t really expect anything specific for Christmas; I’m happy with anything I get from someone (as long as it’s not a lump of coal).

I think that I get more excited to shop for other people. I like to find unique gifts that the person wouldn’t think of or hadn’t asked for. I really try to pay attention to detail, especially when the person has brought up certain things they would like throughout the year; I am preparing a mental list all year long.

I can try to pretend I am not a materialistic gal, but let’s face it; we all are in some way or another. So I wanted to write a wish list of some things I would like for Christmas. I honestly don’t expect these things at all, but if anyone out there wants to get me one of these; you are more than welcomed to 😉

1. Loungefly Jack Skellington Backpack

2. Fujifilm Instax Wide

3. Apple iWatch

4. Lush Products

5. Things at Hot Topic

6. Checkered Vans

7. To the Stars merch

8. James Coffee Co / Peter McKinnon

9. Lauren Conrad stuff

10. Kate Spade purse

What are some things on your wish list? Let me know!

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“Typical” Day in my Life

Have you ever watched those “morning routine” or “day in my life” videos on Youtube? The person always looks so well rested, and they get to take their time doing all these morning activities. Now, imagine if the average Jane (like myself) tried to do a “morning routine” video. Yeah, that probably wouldn’t look so glamourous…especially because I look like something straight out of The Walking Dead in the morning.

Also, it would probably be very boring, since my daily life is not so interesting. Let me give you a breakdown of how my day goes ( if I wake up on time):

6am: Wake up

6:10am: Get out of bed and let the dog out to do his business.

6:15am: Brush teeth & wash face

6:20am: Apply Makeup

6:35am: Get dressed

6:40am: Warm up car, wake up Adam, dress Adam

6:50am: Leave for work

7:15am: Drop Adam off at school

7:30am: Clock in for work

3:30pm-4pm: Clock out of work

4:30pm-4:45pm: Arrive at home

5pm: Go to the Gym

6pm: Come home & eat dinner

7pm: Shower

8pm: Watch TV

9pm: Put Adam to bed

9:30pm-11pm: Watch TV/ Read a book/ Instagram Like Sprees

11:15pm: Go to sleep

Not so entertaining right? But, that is my life Monday through Friday. Maybe one day it will be a little more interesting (I can only hope), but for now I am okay with it. What does your typical day look like? Are you out traveling the world? Or maybe a stay at home mom? I’d love to hear some stories!


This past weekend, my friend and I checked out one the newest pop up exhibit in the Art’s District of Los Angeles: Happy Place. We had visited the Museum of Ice Cream in November, and were really interested in seeing Happy Place. The Happy Place really lived up to its name, and we were so entranced by all of the multi-sensory immersive rooms. We even had a celebrity in the museum while we were there; Meredith Grey aka Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy was at the exhibit with her family.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Happy Place, and I would love to check it out again before its run is over. Definitely take your time in each room, and take lots of photos! Your Instagram feed will be lit with all the pictures from the exhibit!

Tickets are still available, but the exhibit is only up for another month so visit it soon!

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Hey, Is This Thing On?

Well hello! Long time no see!

I see that it has been 6 months since my last post…I apologize. A lot has happened these last couple of months that have caused me to not have much time to do the things I love. To be honest, the reason why I decided to get back to blogging was because I had thought I was going to lose my job last month. To clarify, my work place is currently transitioning to a new company and my job status was n certain. Thankfully, I was not let go and am still working full time. But that whole experience caused me to really think about my life at the present moment.

Am I really content with working this 9-5 office job, or did I want to do something more? Sure, photography is my passion…but at this moment, I am not getting enough business to be able to quit my job. It’s just not as easy as I would like it to be. I really wish it was, but in reality I still have bills to pay and unless I win the lottery, or marry some rich man; I am stuck at my office job.

Well, stuck until i find something better. I will admit, I have been sending out applications to more creative companies (I have even applied for a few full time photographer positions). But, until then, here I am! Back to bring you all more content and pretend like I am interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. So here’s to a new month, a new day, and a semi-new beginning.

Thanks for reading.


10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Strawberries are my favorite fruit
  2. I am a huge Potterhead
  3. New York is my favorite city that I have visited
  4. During high school, I was on the badminton team
  5. I have 2 pet pigs
  6. Hugh Grant was my MCM when I was a kid (and still is)
  7. My favorite food is Sushi
  8. I was bit on the face by a dog, on two separate occasions, requiring a total of 10 stitches
  9. For my 18th birthday, I sang “Maps” by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs in front of my entire senior class
  10. I used to write poetry and song lyrics

Do You Even Yoga Bro?

A few months ago, I discovered that my anxiety and depression had really hit its peak, and I felt as if I was running out of options on how to cope with it. I have high functioning anxiety and bi polar depression disorder. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I know it’s not my fault and its just something that I have lived with since I was a teenager. But recently, due to added stress in my personal and work life, it got to be this terrible monster that kept attacking me every day. I wasn’t really sure what to do or how to ease it, and after doing some research, I had found a little solution. Yoga.

In the past I had done yoga or meditation sporadically. I did it a lot more when I was pregnant because I had been going through a lot of emotions (and the added hormones didn’t help) that made me very angry and just downright sad at times. The yoga would help me calm down and just clear my head of all the negativity I had floating in my head. The focus on just your breathing and soothing music really helped relax me. I did it not just for myself, but for the little bean I had growing in my belly. I didn’t want all my negative energy to be passed to him, and I didn’t want him to be born stressed out.

Now, I am in no means a yoga expert and probably have no idea what I am talking about to be honest. I just wanted to express how much it has helped me when I am feeling anxious or “feeling down”. It might have different results for others, but this is just based off my experience. Try it out. It doesn’t have to just be if you feel anxious or stressed. It is a great exercise and can be done after your daily work out.



Click On It – Tech Thursday

1. Inexpensive Glasses & Sunglasses 

This site has so many options for glasses, and you can order them with your prescription too! My mom ordered some really cute ones, and some cute prescription sunglasses. Her total came out to around $100! So awesome!

2. Free therapy & counseling 

This website is also an app. I know for some people (like me) talking face to face with people is sometimes difficult. Especially when dealing with personal issues; I tend to keep things to myself. This site has real people you can talk to and is awesome for introverts like myself. 

3. Online Thrift Store for Books 

I am a book nerd but I sometimes don’t always have the funds to buy all the books I  want. This online store has a huge selection of used books for a great price!

4. Crisis and Suicide Help

We all have those moments where we feel like we just can’t go on. Like, life would be better without us. You are not alone. 

5. Leave me alone 

I hate being in crowded areas, this site helps you find places to go in public that are not crowded. Say goodbye to your local Starbucks, and fine a quite little cafe instead.