This past weekend, my friend and I checked out one the newest pop up exhibit in the Art’s District of Los Angeles: Happy Place. We had visited the Museum of Ice Cream in November, and were really interested in seeing Happy Place. The Happy Place really lived up to its name, and we were so entranced by all of the multi-sensory immersive rooms. We even had a celebrity in the museum while we were there; Meredith Grey aka Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy was at the exhibit with her family.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Happy Place, and I would love to check it out again before its run is over. Definitely take your time in each room, and take lots of photos! Your Instagram feed will be lit with all the pictures from the exhibit!

Tickets are still available, but the exhibit is only up for another month so visit it soon!

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Club 33

If you’re a Disneyland fanatic (like myself), then you know all about the super-secret exclusive club that is inside the park in Anaheim. I heard about Club 33 years ago and would always pass by “the door” in the hopes of seeing someone walking in, or walking out. I had always dreamed about someday having the chance to dine above New Orleans square. Luckily for me, my wish was granted this year for my birthday.

This is the door where you check in for your reservations. All this time I had thought it was the door with the actual “33” sign on it and have passed this door for so many years not even noticing it. Silly me to think they would really have it out there like that, after all, it is a secret club.

We walked out into the foyer and were offered cold towelettes, and some very delicious lavender water. As we waited for our table, I walked around the foyer just soaking in all of its beauty and architecture. I stood there wondering if Walt Disney had felt the feelings I had when he stared at this once the renovations were complete.

We walked up the stairs (the infamous elevator was not in service) and walked through the beautiful entrance into the dining area. Everything was so lovely; paintings, molding, floors, décor, ect.

As we sat for lunch, I opted to order myself a fruity (alcoholic) drink instead of doing the wine meal pairing. I love wine but I am not a skilled wino, and to be honest I mostly drink dessert wines (Stella Rosa FTW). The lunch comes as a four course meal, and I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to finish everything in one sitting (especially because their bread was AH-MAZINGLY delicious). I had order the Oysters Rockefeller, the asparagus soup, filet mignon, and their chocolate cake for dessert. I also ordered a cappuccino to help wash down the cake and all of its yummy richness. 

The club was nice enough to gift me with a little bag full of macaroons and chocolates, and a birthday card signed by all of the staff working that day. I had such an amazing experience that I truly did not want to leave. The staff was so friendly, and the atmosphere was so different compared to the hustle and bustle of Disneyland. I am close to considering putting myself on the 15 year wait list and just saving my money for the membership. Or I can just cross my fingers and hope to marry a millionaire…kidding. It was really wonderful, and if that’s the only time I ever go, at least I have the pictures and memories.

*A special thank you to my Niño and his wonderful wife for making this happen. And a very big thank you to their friends for getting us the reservation. 

To quote Rapunzel from the movie Tangled, “BEST. DAY. EVER!”