Stress and All It’s Friends

Do you ever find yourself so stressed out that you think you may be on the verge of a major meltdown; Britney Spears circa 2007 anyone? Well put that razor down ladies and gentlemen, and don’t go sacrificing your gorgeous hair just yet! I know we all may have our moments where we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, but trust me there is a way out! Here are some things you can do to bring your stress levels down:
1. Exercise

I know this isn’t the most ideal thing to do, especially if you love eating pizza and donuts all the time like this girl right here. But try putting on some of your favorite tunes (highly suggest Eye of the Tiger by Survivor), grab some weights, and do some quick jabs. Picture the person, place, or thing that is stressing you out the most and just pretend like you’re punching it. You might make yourself giggle a little with how good it feels.

2. Keep a Journal

Writing can help so much with letting out what is really bothering you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hand written journal, an online diary will do just as fine. Maybe try creating an email account where you can send yourself emails when you’re feeling the most stressed. But if you’re feeling a little like the hulk that day, try to take it easy on the keyboard.

3. Pet a small animal

If you don’t have any pets, go visit your local animal shelter and give those little guys some love. It will definitely brighten both of your days.

4. Go to the Beach

If you don’t live by a beach, go to a hilltop, or somewhere secluded. Sit on a blanket and watch the sunset and just remember that there are people in worse situations. You will have better days soon. Take a deep breath and remember that.

5. Yoga/Meditation

Having done yoga and meditation for a few months now I find myself calming down more easily when put in a situation where I could indeed become the hulk. After doing a yoga or meditation session your mind just feels so much more at ease. I love to do it right before bed because it just puts you in a much better mood.

Just remember that good things will come. Keep a positive attitude and try not to let things get to you.

Staying Hydrated 

There are so many things that we are supposed to do to keep ourselves happy and healthy for as long as we possibly can. Eat fruits & veggies. Exercise daily. Take vitamins. Hydrate. The list seems pretty simple, but lets face it, we’re all too lazy to be doing this every single day. Some people have turned it into a lifestyle and that is awesome for them! But for people like me, and by people like me I’m talking about people living the sloth life; we don’t do that. 

The only thing I really do, is keep myself hydrated daily. I bought myself a 32 oz cup from Target that I try and refill at least 3 times a day. I would have to say its easier for me to drink that amount daily because I am at my desk working for 9 hours a day. Sometimes I don’t even notice that I have drank so much water, well not until I’m running to the bathroom trying not to pee my pants.

I’ve noticed from me drinking so much water, it has really helped improve my skin. A few months ago my skin was so bad, not only did I have terrible acne (at 27 years old!!!) but I also had really dry and flakey skin. It really lowered my self esteem and I think started happening around the time my depression started to escalate. I started the 96 oz of water daily and noticed my skin was staying more hydrated and didn’t flake as often as it used to. I wish I could say just drinking water helped my skin, but it did not. I actually had to go to my doctor to be prescribed something, but we’ll talk more on that later.

If you feel like water is too “boring” for you to be drinking all day, add something to it to give it a different taste. I like to add lemon wedges to my water sometimes to give it a different taste. You can aslo add cucumber, or mint and give it a “fresh” taste. I know there are a lot of detox water recipes out there, but don’t think that’s the only time you need to drink water. Try to drink at least 20 oz a day and slowly work your way up, if you’re not drinking water daily. You will see improvements.

Review: Cure Aqua Gel

18033486_10155962580910828_8144347145739004573_nI dont exactly remember when I stumbled across the “Cure”, I do know that I had read something about it on Facebook. It was a video or an article about it being the best facial cleanser on the market. So of course, me being the curious little kitten that I am, I ordered it. I bought it off of Amazon for $30 and I’ll include a link for it at the bottom of this post.

Now I do believe that this is a Japanese product, but don’t worry if you’re not fluent in Japanese; the instructions on the wrapping of the cleanser are in English. This product is supposed to be the best at clearing the dead skin off of your face, and I have to agree with everyone else who has reviewed it.

The first time I used it, I was so surprised at how clean my face felt afterwards. The term “squeaky clean” should be printed somewhere on this bottle, because that is exactly how my face felt! I’ll give you a little breakdown on how to use the product, in case you are interested in purchasing it.

dirty faceNow in this first photo, I still have on my makeup from work. The instructions say to wash your face as you normally would before using the Cure product. So use whatever facial cleaner you use at night, and then pat your skin dry.

first layer clean Makeup free! Please don’t stare at my horrible breakout, I am currently dealing with that monthly crime scene that happens in our (women) nether-regions.

time for the cure!Time to move on to using the Cure (I’m sure its not called THE CURE but I just like saying that…). I like to use 2 pumps because I feel it really helps get everything off of my face. you can use as much as you’d like, but I really think 2 is sufficient enough. Then just start rubbing it all over your face in circular motions (please avoid your eye area). Once you feel like you have cleared all the dead skin cells off your face, rinse and pat your face dry. To finish up, just use your normal every day toner and moisturizer.

all done!And you’re done! I feel like after using this, along with it feeling extremely clean, my face also looks a little brighter. So, if I haven’t convinced you enough to buy this product, feel free to read the reviews yourself and determine if it is something you would like to add to your skin care routine. If you do buy it, let me know what you guys think!

Cure 250ml on


blonde Going blonde has been on my mind for the last couple of years now. I’ll admit I was a little nervous taking the plunge and going bleach crazy once again on my poor hair. But, I can honestly say that I am loving life as a blonde and I really don’t think I will be going back anytime soon.

About 6 years ago, I was going through a “break” in my then relationship, and being the little dramatic girl that I am, I decided to do something crazy and change my hairstyle…drastically. My friend and I had decided that we both wanted to be blondes, So, without any prior bleaching/cosmetology knowledge, we went ahead and DIY’d ourselves to being blonde.

I wish I could say that things went well, and if you were to ask 20 year old me I would probably tell you that I loved it (even though I was secretly sobbing on the2011 me inside). My mom had helped me bleach it, and I remember getting out of the shower and wanting to burst into tears because my hair was ORANGE! See, I should have done my research because then I would have known that I needed a toner to cool down the brassiness.

Well, I knew I couldn’t go to work with orange hair, so the very next day…we bleached it AGAIN. I know…it’s even hard to think about what I did to my hair. My hair didn’t stand a chance. After the bleaching I went to target and bought some champagne blonde hair dye that KIND OF helped it. Sure you might think it looks good in this photo, but this is just a lot of photo editing and good filters. If you look closely, you can see my hair getting ready to fall off and latch onto a broomstick set for Hogwarts.

Long story short, blonde 20 year old me didn’t last long (maybe about a month). Once my boyfriend and I got back together, I dyed my hair as close to my natural color and chopped it all off. Side note: I didn’t do it BECAUSE we got back together, I did it because my hair was dead and it started to turn orange, yellow, and had some hints of green in it. My poor hair had gone through hell and back, and I decided not to do anything else to it for a very long time. But the blonde inside me was always trying to get back out there and see if she could have more fun than my brunette self.

I took the safer route this time and sought out professional help. My hair isn’t as damaged as I thought I would be (happy dance for my hair), and I am really enjoying it now. As I have grown older I have learned the steps to taking better care of my hair and thats what I am doing now. I’ll let you guys knows which products I am using to keep this blonde hair shiny and soft.

Now, lets go see if that old saying about blondes having more fun is true 😉