This past weekend, my friend and I checked out one the newest pop up exhibit in the Art’s District of Los Angeles: Happy Place. We had visited the Museum of Ice Cream in November, and were really interested in seeing Happy Place. The Happy Place really lived up to its name, and we were so entranced by all of the multi-sensory immersive rooms. We even had a celebrity in the museum while we were there; Meredith Grey aka Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy was at the exhibit with her family.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Happy Place, and I would love to check it out again before its run is over. Definitely take your time in each room, and take lots of photos! Your Instagram feed will be lit with all the pictures from the exhibit!

Tickets are still available, but the exhibit is only up for another month so visit it soon!

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How I Edit for Instagram: VSCO HB2

I’ve had Instagram since the app first came out back in 2011. My feed has gone through so many different changes since I first downloaded the app. It was all about the filters in the beginning, then I wanted the whole picture to fit in the frame, then I only wanted horizontal pictures, then I wanted only pictures from my DSLR, and so on and so on. 

Recently I purchased a Sony a5000 mirrorless camera and have been using that for all my Instagram pictures. I feel it really gives them a cleaner, more crisp look. In addition to that, I edit my photos using the VSCO app. 

For this photo of my dog (Josie is her name) I used the filter HB2. 

I lowered the filter level from +12 to +6. 

Next I raised the Exposure to +2 and the Contrast to +1

Next I raised the Clarity to +1, Sharpen to +3, and Saturation to -1. 

Next I brought the Highlight level to +3, lowered the Temperature to -0.5 (I didn’t want her to lose too much of her color), and the Tint to -1 giving us the final result. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and I’ll be showing more ways to edit your photos using VSCO, as well as other apps.