Weekend Recap

Saturday morning, my mom, brother, and I set off on a little road trip to Las Vegas. We left around 10am but didn’t get there until about 5:30pm. We made some stops to eat and to shop at the Barstow and Primm outlets. I didn’t do as much shopping as I would have liked to; but that was mainly due to the fact that I really wanted to gamble once we got to Vegas. 

Once we got in the hotel room, we rested for about a half hour before we started getting ready to leave once again. We were going to see Journey at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This would be my sixth or seventh time seeing Journey perform. It’s been a tradition, since my dad passed, to see them everytime they’re in concert because that was his favorite band. ​​

Journey always puts on a fantastic show but it’s this song in particular that always gets me choked up. There are few videos I have of my dad, but one that I have is of him singing to this song Escape. It’s also inspiration as to what my next tattoo will be. 

After the show we went and ate a late dinner at Pinks Tacos. I ordered their nachos and a “Kinky Bitch” margarita. The nachos were so good and I wish I had taken a picture of them before I started gobbling them up. 

Once we got back to our hotel, my brother and I stayed in the casino to gamble a bit. I WAS winning money, but then got greedy and ended up losing it all. It’s not too bad though, I only put in $20 so it wasn’t much of a loss. I would’ve walked away with almost $100…so that was a bit disappointing. 

We left early Sunday morning since the weather report said that 30-40mph winds would be kicking up around 8am. We managed to leave before the winds kicked in, which is great because I probably would have had an anxiety attack. 

Overall it was a nice quick little trip with my family. I will be going back to Vegas in 3 months to see Lady Gaga perform at the T-mobile arena. I am so excited for that because the next day we’ll be traveling up to the Grand Canyon. I can’t wait for that!

Women Who Inspire Me: My Mom

So I know that Wednesday’s are reserved for our “women crushes”, but I thought I would switch it up and change it to women who have inspired me, and continue to inspire me. Considering Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I felt the first woman I should talk about is my own mother.

My mom had me at the tender age of 21. She had been with my dad since they were 16, and got married a few weeks before I blessed their lives. Almost 3 years after I was born, my parents gave birth to my brother (one day after their 3rd wedding anniversary). I have to say, for being a young mom; my mother did one hell of a job raising two kids so close in age.

I remember growing up; it wasn’t always easy for my parents. They had their struggles, their conflicts, and hardships. No matter what though, they always made sure to have the necessities for my brother and I. My mom made sure to take us on little outings whenever she could and (mostly for my brother) bought us little treats whenever we would accompany her to the market. We weren’t spoiled; but she always made sure that “Santa” gave us something off our Christmas wish list and tried to give us our “must haves” on our birthdays.

When I was 21, we lost my dad in a fatal motorcycle accident. It destroyed my mom’s world, and as much as I was grieving; I couldn’t even imagine what she was going through. This was someone who had been in her life for 25 years. There were days she would just lock herself in her room and not talk to my brother or I. We tried our best to keep her positive, but I knew it wasn’t enough. If I had the power, I would have reversed time just for her. 

Now here we are, going on 6 years without my dad and my mom still gets out of bed every morning. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but she likes to credit my brother and I for giving her the strength to get up. Having my son seemed to have brought the light back into her life. As much as I miss my dad, I know if it had been the other way around, I wouldn’t have both my parents today. My dad depended so much on my mom and her strength that I don’t think he would have handled her leaving before him.

My mom does so much for my brother and I, and I honestly don’t know how I could possibly thank her. She is always putting her wants/needs to the side just for us. It makes me very happy that I can honestly say my mom is my best friend. I may not tell her everything, but I know I can talk to her about anything.

I love you mom.