Photography Fun

I love taking days off and just spending them running around the city taking pictures. Usually I bring a friend along so they can model for me. They’re sometimes hesitant due to being “camera shy” but I coax them into doing it anyways.

My lovely friend Vanessa and I took a little trip to the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia. We took a few photos of her niece for her 1st birthday, and then went on to take some more photos of just her and I. I love taking photos of her because she looks good on camera; and because she lets me boss her around. 

How I Edit for Instagram: VSCO HB2

I’ve had Instagram since the app first came out back in 2011. My feed has gone through so many different changes since I first downloaded the app. It was all about the filters in the beginning, then I wanted the whole picture to fit in the frame, then I only wanted horizontal pictures, then I wanted only pictures from my DSLR, and so on and so on. 

Recently I purchased a Sony a5000 mirrorless camera and have been using that for all my Instagram pictures. I feel it really gives them a cleaner, more crisp look. In addition to that, I edit my photos using the VSCO app. 

For this photo of my dog (Josie is her name) I used the filter HB2. 

I lowered the filter level from +12 to +6. 

Next I raised the Exposure to +2 and the Contrast to +1

Next I raised the Clarity to +1, Sharpen to +3, and Saturation to -1. 

Next I brought the Highlight level to +3, lowered the Temperature to -0.5 (I didn’t want her to lose too much of her color), and the Tint to -1 giving us the final result. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and I’ll be showing more ways to edit your photos using VSCO, as well as other apps.